Our Mission

Galt Juice Company  was founded on the principle that in order for people to find a balance in their busy lives they need to have the proper tools. Our bodies are simple; we are what we eat. Cold pressed juice is the quickest way to assimilate vital nutrients while allowing the body to detoxify, repair, and rid itself of toxins.

The idea is simple but as a society we have forgotten that sometimes simplicity is the key. Driven by overconsumption and overindulgence that make it difficult to find balance. Our juices and cleanses make it easy to flood your body with a high concentration of raw nutrients that will improve energy among other health benefits. 

We are here to get you back to the basics one sip at a time.

Our Values

100% Certified Organic   •   Cold Press   •   Source local   •   No pasteurization or HPP   •   Glass, always